Baby Safety: Guide to Baby Proofing Your Home

Child household injuries top the list of reasons why children under the age of three years old visit the Emergency Rooms. Over 75% of children who succumb to unintentional injuries at home are usually under the age of four years. Young toddlers face the highest risk of being injured at home since this is where they spend most of their time, hence it is important to learn how to baby proof the house. Supervision is the most effective way to ensure baby safety at home; however, it is quite easy to compromise child safety in the home without the proper child safety products.

Here are some simple baby safety tips to enhance baby safety at home with outstanding baby safety equipment.

Install baby safety locks and latches on cabinets and drawers to keep them from household products.

It wouldn’t do to have your two-year-old munching on that delicious freshly prepared strawberry face scrub or that hazardous cleaning detergent because the kitchen drawer wasn’t locked. With the amazing complete magnetic locking system from the safety 1st, secure upto 8 drawers in your kitchen with baby saftey locks for cabinets.

Equipped with the one size fits all magnetic key, toting a bunch of keys in the name of improving baby safety at home is so yesterday. Working alone in the Kitchen? Disengage the locks at the push of a button and you have complete access to your cabinets and drawers. Looking for baby safety products with a difference? The multipurpose adjustable strap pack that is availed in 6 packs, offer a convinient set of child safety locks.

Install toilet safety locks to keep the toilet lids closed and the toilet bowl inaccessible

Having recently acquired the ambulatory skill, or still in the process of learning how to walk, these two-year olds love to exercise; even the toilet is fair game. Don’t settle for broken fingers – or any other bones for that matter, whenever these younger explorers wander off into the bathroom by ensuring home safety by purchasing the best baby proofing products.

In addition to improving baby safety in the home, spare yourself the embarrassment of having your little angels quenching their thirst on the toilet bowl. With the easy to install Mommy’s Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok that requires no tools, keep your baby safe by baby proofing the house and while ensuring the safety of your plumbing by preventing children from throwing things down the toilet bowl. It’s quite the traumatic experience when the little explorers lead you on a fishing expedition that involves your brand new iPhone – get some childproofing products today.

Use door knob and door locks to improve baby home safety.

Doors pose a significant source of risk to your little children while they are running around the house playing their favorite games or just having a good time. More often than not, in the absence of a baby safety locks and pinch guards, a trip to the kitchen to grab a cookie or a treat can turn into anguish for your little child. An unguarded door can slam on your child’s fingers resulting in a painful experience, bruises or worse still – a fracture. Installing a Door Monkey Childproof Door Lock and Pinch Guard is a brilliant way of baby proofing the house without inconveniencing the adult users.

They are easy to install – no tools or tapes required, lock automatically when the door is closed and secures the door when partially closed. Install one of these beauties and ensure your child safety as they enjoy their play time inside the house.

Install baby safety gates to prevent falls down the stairs with child proof safety gates

Everything that goes up must come down; however, the heart-wrenching sound of your three-year-old tumbling down the stairs is not the perfect embodiment of Newton’s Law. Such heartbreaking scenes that leave your heart in your mouth are a thing of the past, thanks to baby gate for stairs. These convenient and retractable safety gates are your perfect safety partners in securing doorways and staircases. Certified by juvenile products manufacturers Association, these child safety gates are pressure mounted and feature baby safety latches for quick release. Available in various colors and materials, they are not only practical in ensuring child safety; they also complement your interior décor. They are expandable to fit various doorways and are a stylish way to keep your pets from disturbing the sleeping beauties ensuring uttermost home safety for children.

Install rubber bumps/ corner brackets on furniture as a baby safety measure to prevent cuts and bruises

It’s a wobbly world for some toddlers out there and balance around the edges of your designer furniture is not always assured; it’s time you took a trip to the baby safety superstore. Such a trip equips you with the best baby safety products, ensuring that don’t have to contend with black and blue faces as your child sports more cuts and gashes than a professional pugilist. Thanks to corner rubber bumps or brackets, safety in the home is assured and these tumbles need not harm the head and the eyes of your precious angels. AllTopBargains offers a 12 Corner Protector Ball Shape Child Safety Cushion that perfectly fit over tables and desks. Made from durable soft rubber and fixable by a double sided tape, these baby safety productsprovide excellentchoices for baby proofing your home. Need something more colorful from the baby safety store? Introducing the chocolate colored Prince LionHeart corner guards that are toxic free, fire retardant and latex free. Made from impact absorbing foam, these cushiony corner guards eliminate the painful, gruesome welts and bruises inflicted on the delicate features of your child’s face by improving baby safety in the home.

Secure the kitchen appliances with child safety locks

The kitchen is usually the common hang-out areas in the house and little curious and wandering hands and fingers might meet with an unfortunate accident in the absence of baby safety locks. The sweet aroma emanating from the oven might tempt the little ones to open the oven door in an attempt to get to the cake. Safety first offers a broad range of child proofing products that help you secure your oven and stoves. From no drilling installation front oven locks, to the heat resistant stove knob covers with tinted plastic coloring to blend with your home décor, Safety 1st are your number on choice in ensuring child safety at home. A properly childproofed kitchen offers you a peace of mind, knowing that your home and your child are insulated from a very dangerous hazard – fire.

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