Babyletto Bowery Bassinet

Two-weeks from now and I will be going to my best friend’s house. She just gave birth and I just wanted to surprise her.What bothers me a lot is what gift would be perfect for my confidant’s first baby. Wait did I just say confidant? Of course, I did! She’s the closest friend that I ever had –and that makes me even more worried. I would never disappoint her unless I want my secrets to be revealed for the whole world to know. Well, I didn’t actually mean that. What I really wanted to say is as a friend, I should know best. However, choosing what kind of gift to give is like my weakest point. I’m pretty sure that almost everyone has experienced such dilemma.

My friend hasn’t actually told me what the gender of her baby is. Why would she do that? Well, she just told me that I should stay out of work, pay her a visit and find out the baby’s gender myself. Thus, I can’t really buy baby’s clothes such as a pink or a blue frog suit, which is actually very common these days. Surfing the internet is not a bad idea, especially if you are running out of ideas. I’m glad I did. Because by doing so, I came across with something which I believe to be a perfect gift. Babyletto Bowery Bassinet, Espresso –a dark-chocolate cradle that has nothing to do with color-gender norms. (I guess I’m safe with this color.)

With the positive reviews and its features, I finally decided to buy it. I was able to buy it for only $105.61. Upon receiving it on my doorstep, I excitedly unboxed and assembled it myself. Seeing it right before my eyes excites me even more. I’m sure; my friend would love to have this cradle next to her bed. This cradle comes with a cradle pad, which makes me even happier. I don’t have to buy or worry about the mattress that will fit the cradle.

Babies are fragile, and as first time parents, it is just right to be careful. Having the child on the same bed with the parents might hurt the baby in any way. Also, putting newborns in a crib, which are usually bigger and are commonly in a separate room, have its cons. By using a bassinet it’s easier for parents to attend to their newborn baby’s needs as it can be placed just next to mom and dad’s bed.

This bassinet will surely keep the baby from falling. With its fencelike barrier, the baby will stay in the cradle. It has x-cross and flat bottomed legs which keeps the crib stable. If you’re too worried on whether it’s safe or not, I just want to let you know that this cradle has passed ASTM safety specifications. Moreover, it’s free from chemicals such as lead and phthalate.

Babies are not always sleeping; they also need to have fun and play. And when that happens, this cradle can now be the child’s toy box. See? I just purchased a gift that would be relevant while the baby’s sleeping or even when the baby’s rolling on the floor. If you have doubts, why not try it yourselves?

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