Badger Basket Baby Changing Tables

Baby cribs, clothes and strollers are things that must have when having a baby. Of course, they are the firsts that come in mind. But have we even considered of buying a baby changing table? A what? Most of us wouldn’t even think of buying one. First, it’s not as important as the stuff that I have already mentioned. And lastly, it’s a waste of money. Well, I get everyone else’s point. We don’t need a baby changing table where in fact we can change our little ones on bed or on chair. But admit it, it takes time and needs patience for doing so.

At first, I’m really skeptical in ordering something that I’m not sure if I can efficiently use. However, a friend of mine has been bugging me to buy one. She kept on saying that it is something that I should be buying. I don’t know how she convinced me that I finally decided to buy one.

Let me introduce Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets, Espresso; a place where parents can safely change their young ones’ clothes. With this changing table, moms and dads don’t have to worry whether they have well behaved babies or active ones. Your baby’s secured as it comes with safety belts, metal support bars as well as safety rails on all sides. Not only that. It also has a mattress where your kiddos can comfortably lie while being changed. Assembling this baby changing table didn’t take too much of my time.

It doesn’t only serve as a changing table but storage as well. I was able to put it into good use. My baby has a lot of things that I even forget to organize. Thanks to Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets, Espresso; I was able to organize her things and keep the nursery room tidy. No more diapers, socks and toiletries scattered on bed or elsewhere. To avoid confusion, I labeled the six baskets using their card holders. Thus, I don’t have to open all baskets which I usually do with my own drawer cabinet. Its cute design is a plus. It’s not too bulky and only takes a little space.

If you no longer decide to have another baby and your little one has grown, this Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with Six Baskets, Espresso can still be useful. As I said, it has a good design. Putting it in the living room as additional furniture is not a bad idea. If not, your child can still use it as his own drawer.

As for its quality, I could say that it is sturdy and functional. This changing table is made of hardwood with a nontoxic finish. Therefore, it is safe. This detail is a need to know. Almost all parents these days take this very seriously. With the past events concerning the materials used with kids’ toys, furniture, etc.; it is just right to know whether the item that we will be buying is toxic or not.

Spending$118.39 for an item that has a dual purpose is never a bad thing.

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