Best Baby Moses Basket

There’s nothing like watching your little baby sleeping soundly and this is why I am here – to ensure you experience this warm feeling just like I do everytime my little joy falls asleep in our moses basket.

If I can recommend one thing when becoming a new parent, it is one of my favorite baby products I ever did purchase for my little on.

A moses baskets really does give your baby a safe and sound sleep.

Moses baskets for babies are what you need & here’s why; they are custom made for babies between 0-12months, not only are they for home-use, they are convenient when travelling and they are super cuddly and comfy. The Moses baskets are so appealing these days because you can buy a moses basket stand, this means you can rock your baby to sleep (handsfree) in the moses basket which saves you the ordeal of lulling your little angel for hours on end.

So if you are thinking about buying one, I recommend you do. I absolutely love my moses basket and my baby does too. Which is the best moses basket? Read on to find the one for you and your baby.

Best Moses Basket

Badger Basket

Badger-Basket-Moses-BasketKnown For: Cheap Moses Baskets

Price Range: $31 – $69 (Check Latest Prices)

These Badger Basket Moses Baskets come in hooded & non hooded varieties and are the pinnacle of ‘cheap moses baskets’. Hooded baskets come in a complete pack with moses basket bedding e.g espresso/white and Ecru/beige gingham. They sure feel comfortable as they are padded, ensuring unprecedented comfort for your bebe.

What’s more is that you can also get the moses basket and stand set like the Rocking Moses Basket Stand Natural which fits most baskets if you wish to rock your baby to sleep.

If you are on a tight budget, the non-hooded Badger Natural Baby Moses Basket is an organic moses basket that is a suitable option as it also comes with Gingham Bedding.

Badger-Basket-Mose-BasketTrending This Month

The moses basket featured in image can be viewed and purchased here

Click here to see if you qualify for free shipping & free returns


Izziwotnot-Moses-BasketsKnown For: Luxury Moses Baskets

Price Range: $$$ (Check Latest Prices)

The Izziwotnot Moses Basket brand go hard when it comes to offering quality moses baskets, they are the brand of moses baskets that are ‘luxury moses baskets’.

Their baskets are superbly padded, your baby will absolutely love sleeping in them. Available as a pink moses basket, blue moses basket or a white wicker moses basket, all colors have one thing in common: all are made as baby wicker baskets.

All moses baskets are hooded, meaning that your baby is screened from bright light as they sleep, reducing the chances of being awakened. Izziwotnot also provide soft beddings that come in a pack, that are fitted in accordance to the basket you purchase.

Oh! I almost forgot, they have rocking stands on offer at amazing prices and cute Izziwotnot accessories to match it with.


Hoohobbers-Moses-BasketsKnown For: Cute / Trendy / Modern Moses Baskets

Price Range: $$ (Check Latest Prices)

Classy, sturdy, trendy and modern are what come to mind when I think of Hoohobbers moses baskets – no other brand comes with such cute designs.

Each moses basket comes with a 100% cotton moses basket liner and all designs are super cute; they are my personal favorite brand in moses basket.

Away from the traditional design (unlike the Badger Basket above) they are also easy on the eye with beautiful designs which are perfect as both a boys and girls moses basket.

One distinctive feature of the Hoohobbers Moses baskets are that they have bumper sides that use duvet style, allowing them to retain their shape under pressure, making them suitable and are known as the best travelling moses baskets as they provide extra protection and comfort.

Also these bumper paddings are removable & machine washable (don’t worry, they still look like new even after several washes).

What I love about this brand is that it’s also not cumbersome to keep one clean. I believe that although more than $100, this brand provide ultimate value as they provide great quality in moses baskets. Check the links above to see if you qualify for free shipping/free returns.Most of these large moses basket come with an offer for free shipping, an added bonus. They are undoubtedly worth their price.

Clair de Lune

Clair-de-Lune-Moses-BasketsKnown For: Very Popular! Padded and Soft Moses Baskets

Price Range: $$ (Check Latest Prices)

One of the most popular mosses basket brands is the Clair de Lune moses basket. They are just adorable and so padded and comfy, if you choose one, you are buying ultimate comfort!

With beautiful designs that are eye-catching, they are a baby’s dream basket and are unisex as either a girls moses basket or a baby boy moses basket.

They have comfy, fuzzy cotton blankets available and you simply can’t fail to grab one if you are buying this basket. To spice things up, Claire de lune have an abundance of rocking stands to lull your angel to sleep as you handle other chores. So as you pick up your moses basket ensure you don’t leave the Clair de Lune Deluxe Rocking Stand behind to complete the set!

Moses-Basket-Rocking-StandMatching Moses Basket Stand

Available in either rocking or non-rocking style and in natural, white and cocoa.

It’s available for purchase here.


Schnuggle-moses-basketKnown For: Most Snug Baby Baskets

Price Range: $150 – $226 (Check Latest Prices)

Shnuggle Moses baskets are a breath of fresh air in the field of baby baskets and are known as the ‘the snug moses basket’.

These snug moses baskets are unique, well-padded and designed to ensure good ventilation. What’s more, they are all hooded, hurray!

Most baskets, like Shnuggle Grey Moses Basket come full with a mattress and white covers so they aren’t they just perfect as a both boys moses basket and girls baby baskets? If you are looking for variety in basket stands, Shnuggle will not disappoint. In saying this, the moses basket in white is one of the most popular when the baby’s gender is unknown prior to birth.

Don’t forget you can get the matching moses basket stand in the same brand to complete the set. See below for more info.

Schnuggle-moses-basket-standMatching Moses Basket Stand

Available in either rocking or non-rocking style and in natural, white and cocoa.

It’s available for purchase here

Moses Basket Accessories

Moses Basket Stands

Moses-Basket-StandsIf you’re looking to buy a moses basket with stand, but just want one that will fit all moses basket (i.e you don’t want to match the ones I have suggested above) you will love these Jolly jumper moses basket stands.

This brand is the most popular and highly rated brand and come in both rocking and non-rocking.

They are durable, easy to assemble and provide a lulling rock like no other. They are made from hardwood (like cherry wood & natural oak) making them incredibly durable and robust.

I’m not good in the ‘assembling department’ so when I say they are easy to assemble – they really are; only a few minutes even without a manual and tada!!!

You are providing a lulling rock like no other. Good for busy parents who want to have their child sleep close by as they attend to household chores.

They are available in a few different colors, click here to view all

Moses-Basket-MattressMoses Basket Mattress

The best basket mattresses have comfortable foam pads, are adequately thick (but not too thick) and fit perfectly inside a moses basket.

A urethane foam moses basket mattress are shown to be quite comfy and affordable. The moses basket mattress featured here is the best moses basket mattress as it is firm with a desirable thickness of 2 inches and comes with a water resistant cover; it ticks all the right boxes that we look for as parents.

It is certified as ‘safe’ according to flammable standards (the same as those for a crib mattress) and its surface is non-irritating to your baby’s skin.

Its durability is second to none and its simple design is sure to impress you.

More Information & Prices: Click here

Moses Basket Bedding

Moses-Basket-SheetsLooking for moses basket sheets? These moses bassinet sheets are 100% cotton and are the most bought by parents whom buy moses baskets.

These moses basket fitted sheets are made of superior quality fabric, they are soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

They fit in oval shaped bassinets, they are elastic and you won’t get any creases.

These sheets also allow for shrinkage & remain soft even after several washes.

Plus they don’t cost a premium.

More Information & Price: Click here


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