Best Diaper Bags for Dads

While most women prefer designer baby bags with a little bit of color or blissful designs (eg. yummy mummy changing bag), they do not stand a prayer in getting their significant others to carry them.

Luckily, mens diaper bag backpacks are available in many shapes, forms, colors and with clearly discernible gender inclinations and men can comfortably pick colors they are comfortable with.

In case you are a hands on dad, don’t let the pink diaper bags keep you from the park – here is a list of awesome manly diaper bags to choose from. Not only that, these are unisex diaper bags, so if you are looking for a baby backpack diaper bag or messenger diaper bags, we’ve got ya covered!

So let’s cut to the chase, here are the only diaper bags for men you really need to consider, I’m sure you’ll find your pick!

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#1 Best Selling Mens Diaper Bag

camo-diaper-bagKnown For: Best selling diaper bags for men & largest variety (31 colors/styles)

Price Range: $60 – $80 (Check Latest Prices)

Diaper Dude messenger style dad diaper bag is especially designed for hands-on dads.

The compartmentalized messenger diaper bag makes it convenient to carry all essential items on the go. These diaper dude diaper bags are spacious enough to hold toys, diapers and even a change of clothes and keep the baby bottle within an arm’s reach.

They are also made for comfortable wear that fits the body and includes a changing pad and cellphone holder as well.  It’s no wonder these are the most popular go to male diaper bag as the diaper dude backpack range includes literally too many funky and hip styles to choose from so take your pick!

Why not make it a perfect gift for Father’s Day or even a baby shower?

The camo diaper bag (shown right) is the #1 best selling messenger diaper bags by this brand, Diaper Dude. To view the entire range of Diaper Dude diaper bags, click here.

Black-Messenger-Diaper-BagTrending This Month

Not into camo style as above? Don’t worry, this most popular diaper bag is available in 31 different colors and patterns including the black with Gray Zippers which is trending this month! Click image to the right to view more details or buy here

Click here to see if you qualify for free shipping & free returns


#1 Best Diaper Backpack

backpack-diaper-bagsKnown For: Best baby bag backpack

Price Range: $69 – $140 (Check Latest Prices)

Designed for convenience, these diaper backpacks by Dad Gear, feature diaper hammock, a specialty pocket that keeps diapers at the top of the pack and a quick access wipes window on the lower front of the bag < this is the absolute best feature (you can see it in the image to the right).

The Dadgear backpack diaper bag range of man diaper bags all feature a clam shell opening on the main compartment for easy access and holds up to four baby feeding bottles in the bottle pockets.

The light colored interior let you organize and quickly access each of the 13 compartments in the bag. This gray interior is actually really handing as it makes finding anything you need a lot easier than a black interior (especially for ‘man eyes’, if you know what I mean?!?.

This nappy changing bags boasts a changing pad and easily attaches to any stroller. Again, Dad Gear are known as the best backpack diaper bag around town.

Again this brand offers, 31 different colors and styles to choose from!

To view full range of diaper bag for men offered by this brand, click here

Jeep Backpack Diaper Bags

baby-diaper-backpackKnown For: Insulated bottle pocket (comes with changing pad)

Price Range: $40 – $70 (Check Latest Prices)

These diaper backpack for dads meld ultimate organization with clean, handsome styling and boast 12 compartments that make for storage heaven during a baby outing.

The best features of baby diaper backpack comes with an insulated bottle pocket and also comes with matching changing pad for free. This is also applicable for the other duffle style diaper bag available (click here for full range)

The backpack diaper bag features small zippered pockets throughout to stash smaller items such as pacifiers and creams and a spacious main compartment for larger items such as clothes and toys. Padded for extra comfort this black diaper bag features a hard wipes case that pops open and boasts shoulder straps and stroller loops.

Available in 3 colors and 2 styles (backpack & duffle), you can view the entire range of Jeep backpack style diaper bags here

Lilian Rose Diaper Bags

baby-bag-for-dadKnown For: Fun baby bag for dad

Price Range: $54 – $119 (Check Latest Prices)

These mens baby bag are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs (the one featured on the right is overwhelming popular!)

From tactical backpack baby bags to the building foundation designer diaper bag shaped like a workman’s tool belt to a genes style daddy diaper bag made of jeans material, they have a selection for everyone.

The tactical varieties of dad diaper bags feature military design complete with jungle green fatigue designs.

This brand has more than 5 styles to choose from, view the entire range here

Casual Mens Diaper Bags

diaper-bags-backpackKnown For: Convertible (backpack or tote)

Price Range: $44 – $60 (Check Latest Prices)

These baby bags for dads have padded adjustable double shoulder handles making these daddy diaper bags that feature a large front pocket and two vertical zippered pockets easy to carry.

As one of the best backpack diaper bags, it boasts eight inside pockets with a changing mat and a baby bottle case and a pouch to stash larger things such as your laptop or tablet safely.

This Bebamour changing bag easily totes all essential items whether strapped to your shoulders or hanging from the stroller.


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  1. I’ve been looking for an appropriate diaper bag for my husband so this list is just what we needed. I’m going for the #2 option, I think it will be great for him as my current diaper bag is apparently a ‘no go’ haha (and I might just use it also). Poppy

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