How to Make a Diaper Cake

If you are particularly artistic and good with your hands, here is how to make diaper cakes and surprise your friends at the baby shower.

I am going to show you with these diaper cake instructions how to create stunning three tier baby shower nappy cakes. Remember, these instructions on how to make how to make nappy cakes aren’t just for girl diaper cakes as shown in the example, but you apply the same steps of how to make a diaper cake for a boy.

What You Need to Make a Nappy Cake:

Paper towel roll

14’ cake circle

Hot glue gun


Mini rubber bands

Curling ribbons


Thick ribbons

Thin ribbons

Glue spots

Tissue festooning

Faux flowers

Get a Wilton 3 tier Diaper cake Kit – this kit includes the base plate, the central pole, ribbons, trimmings, and cake topper and is among the best diaper cake supplies.

Alternatively, for a diaper cake for boy, this nautical diaper cake kit is very popular.

You will need to buy the diapers separately and pampers swaddlers diapers make a great choice for newborn babies. You will also need a pair of scissors and hot glue in addition to the diy diaper cakes kit

Step By Step Instructions: How to Make Diaper Cake

Step 1: Roll the diapers into circular shapes

Hold the diaper, lengthwise and roll it into a circular form and secure it with a rubber band that is placed about a quarter way to the top. Repeat for the remaining diapers and secure them with rubber bands as well.

Step 2: create thebase plate.

Glue the central paper pole to the diaper baby cake plate using hot glue and ensure that it is firmly set in place.

Step 3: create the base tier

Surround the base with six rolled-up diapers to create the first base layer of the small diaper cake. Wrap all the diapers in a ribbon and secure them with a double knot. Cut off the excess ribbons with scissors remove the rubberbands. For the second layer, surround the first layer with eleven rolled –up diapers, secure them with the curling ribbons and be sure to remove the rubber, bands. For the third layer, cover the second layer with seventeen rolled-up diapers and repeat the securing process as well as removing the rubber bands to complete the base tier of the nappycakes.

Step 4: create the second tier

Surround the central pole with six rolled-up diapers, secure them with a doubled knotted curling ribbon and trim off the edges to create the first layer. Surround the first layer with nineteen diapers to create the second layer, secure them double knotted curling ribbon and remove the rubber bands.

Step 5: create the top tier of the diaper cake

Place the remaining six diapers around the central roll, secure them with a double knotted curling ribbon and remove the rubber bands as well. And there you have a complete diaper cake sans the icing.

Step 6: create the icing for the unique diaper cakes

Wrap the thick ribbon on the bottom tier, be sure to cover the curling ribbon and cut it to size. Hold the ribbon in place using the hot glue. Next place the thin ribbon (it should be more colorful) in the centre of the thick ribbon and attach it with the hot glue. Repeat the procedure for the other two tiers. Place tissue gallant on each tier to give the diaper cake a frosting appearance.

Step 7: add a topper to the diy diaper cake

Put a flower or a theme toy on the cake and viola, a magnificent nappy cake.

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