No.1 Most Affordable Diaper Changing Table

One of my friends once told me, “You know, when you become a mother, you become expert in practically everything.” I did not exactly know what she was trying to tell me at that time because I was still single.

Fast forward six years later and here I am: a mother of a three-month old baby girl. So far, I am trying to be everything my baby needs, but to be honest; I cannot accomplish some things without help.

I never expected motherhood to be difficult. The first few weeks after I gave birth, I was aching all over. Now that I can manage myself fairly well, I make sure I am there for my baby, especially when she needs food or need a change of diaper.

I thought a changing table for babies is a waste of money. But now that I am a mother, I have now come to believe that a changing table is essential. When we bought one (the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table), I did not expect much, but after a month of using it, I can say that it has become important furniture for me. Using the changing table helped ease my back pain each time I bend over to change my baby’s diaper.

The changing table looked rather ordinary at first glance, but a closer look tells me that the design has been well- thought of.

First, there were no suspicious chemical odors or anything. Second, the overall look was, shall I say, beautiful and fitting for any room. Third, the safety straps were very handy. Lastly, this Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is quite easy to assemble. I think my husband and I only took less than thirty minutes to assemble it. It’s my first time to buy a changing table so I truly appreciate this product, especially because of its subtle features.

I also found the water resistant changing pad to be absolutely incredible. Obviously, we have made a great purchase. But aside from the water resistant changing pad, I also appreciate its shelves which can contain practically anything that needs to be stored in there: diapers, blankets, baby clothes, etc.

I am glad that it has also met the anti-tipping standards. I never knew such standards existed, so I had to test it for myself after my husband and I finished putting it together. So far, the table stays in place and is also pretty sturdy. With the kind of wood they used to build the changing table, I think it’s going to last a long time.

In my opinion, changing tables should be a necessity for every parent. It may seem unnecessary at first, but when you start to use one, you will realize that it is an overlooked necessity.

And when our children outgrow them, we can always pass them to those who need it. Trust me, this is a good investment. I know the word ‘investment’ may appear overused nowadays, but it really is a good investment especially for your children.

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