Play Music For The Baby In The Womb With This Baby Sound System

Imagine the possibility, of introducing your yet unborn child to the beautiful sounds of Mozart, Sebastian Bach, and other great masters, to the classic hits of the Beatles or even the glorious sounds of Mother Nature. Better yet, introduce them to the family members, to the ever loving and eager daddy reading a story book, or to the already doting grandparents singing a lullaby.

They say, hearing begins at 20 weeks, memories start at 30 weeks

Music For The Baby in the Womb

Thanks to the marvelous BellyBuds Sound System (available here), you can share your favorite sounds and music with your unborn child in a safe manner without distorting the quality.

bellybudsKnown as ‘pregnancy bellyphones’ these earphone looking devices are known to play prenatal music and voices to the womb.

Listening to high-quality baby music in the womb has been scientifically proven to stimulate a babies’ senses and significantly improving their brain development.

Helps a baby move out of breech position

Another major benefit? Research suggests that these little devices help turn a breech baby. How? They say that attaching these baby speakers and playing unborn baby music low on the abdomen, encourages a baby to move out of breech and into proper delivery position, thus facilitating a better delivery.

Armed with this knowledge, I set out to acquire a device such as the BellyBuds Pregnancy Sound System, which comes equipped with an advanced, safe and sound controller to play music for baby in the belly. This controller using digital acoustic technology reproduces the sounds and patterns in your musical choices in safe and stable decibel levels, suitable for any music for a fetus  in womb, for they say that music during pregnancy has an array of benefits to your unborn child.

What Are Belly Buds?

Belly-BudsQuick Facts:

  • Comes with 2 speakers with safe adhesive to the baby belly
  • Plays music for unborn baby
  • Comes with Premium Access to VoiceShare
  • FREE Access to Music Album Download for all customers who purchase the BellyBuds Baby Belly Music System
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The BellyBuds Pregnancy Sound System (available here) is a baby bump sound system which allows you to play music for babies in the womb.

What I love about the Bellybuds belly sound system is that it’s 100% discrete; you can wear them and play prenatal music during your pregnancy without anyone even knowing! This is very unlike the other baby belly music players as they generally come as bulky pregnancy belts that people can notice from a mile away. (Looking for the music to play to unborn baby with a pregnancy belt? If so, the Ritmo Sound System here may be better for you)

It’s simply 2 awesomely designed and discrete Bellybuds baby speakers that attach to your mp3 player or iPod, providing listening pleasure to you and you little one, whether it be classical music for baby or mozart music for baby, you can play anything that your heart desires.

Sharing my music collection of baroque music with daughter since she was 17 weeks, felt magical, heavenly and total bliss, knowing I was playing her soothing baby sounds.

The comfortable adhesive speakers sit snugly around your tummy without restricting any prenatal baby development in anyway whilst still providing beautiful quality music for your unborn baby.

The proprietary acoustic technology ensures that the right amount of sound for baby in womb reaches the genius budding inside you, entertaining them to the songs you like, soothing and entertaining them through the baby sound system.

Pregnancy and Music

Experts believe that infant music facilitates pre-natal learning of some behaviors that lead to enhanced musical and intelligence capacities. The BellyBuds sound system allows is compatible with a broad range of devices and features side pockets that hold the audio controller and musical devices such as mp3, iPod or even your smart device, giving you hands-free freedom whilst playing sounds for baby in womb

Developed following a research on the optimal volumes for fetal hearing and wellbeing, this baby bump sound system, features proprietary technology that exposes babies through pregnancy music, to the glorious sound of music, voices and nature sounds, while in-utero, which has been found to improve intelligence, coordination, musical and learning capabilities.

As I’ve said above, the 2 adhesives, a storage pocket, an audio splitter and the free baby music albums and also premium access to their VoiceShare system (of course, an instruction manual is included also).

The prenatal baby music player is a genuine testament to the statement that geniuses are born not made after they are born, the journey begins by playing music for baby in the womb. Don’t be left out, nurture a genius today.

I hope you have valued this bellybuds review, if you have any comments or any questions, leave a comment below.

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