The Best Baby Crib Mattresses

A crib mattress buying guide for ‘going to be parents’

The crib is the place where the baby spends most of the time when he or she is not in mother’s arms. While we give importance to our baby’s safety when shopping for a crib, the second most important thing is comfort.

With that said, let’s proceed to the mattresses.

Babyletto Crib Mattresses
The Pure Core and Pure Core Air mattresses by Babyletto are very similar in that they are made of all natural organic materials and contain no toxic materials. They also come with covers of their own, both non-toxic of course, as to be expected with all Babyletto products. These mattresses help to prevent overheating which is a great help in preventing SIDS and they are both naturally flame retardant (i.e absolutely NO flame retardant chemicals have been added, using natural ingredients only). The Pure Core mattress comes with an organic quilted mattress cover for safe and natural comfort and to protect the mattress of course while the Pure Core Air comes with a water repellent cover that is very breathable to allow for air circulation and protection of the breathable mattress. Both have been tested for safety and exceeded the standards. Babyletto also charges a fair price for their mattresses. I used the Pure Core Air for my little one and I would definitely recommend it to everyone as being the best crib mattress on the market.

Sealy Mattresses
Did you know that Sealy not only makes adult mattresses but they make mattresses for infants? Well you do now! Their most popular is the Soybean Foam Core mattress. It’s firm and lightweight, made with soybean oils from U.S farms. It’s cover is pearl embossed and waterproof for easy cleaning, a big hit with a lot of moms for sure. The things I’ve cleaned from cribs is… yikes. It’s been Green guard certified as being a safe mattress for babies creating a cleaner indoor environment. The second most popular Sealy crib mattress is the Firm Rest. The cover is hospital grade waterproof offering a more sanitary sleeping environment for babies, especially as it cleans easily. It has inner coils to offer extreme firmness for infant safety and the prevention of SIDS from a soft sleep place. It doesn’t use flame retardants and still passes all fire safety and flammability checks. It will last from infancy to toddler years and will fit most toddler beds and cribs. While it isn’t an organic option, it’s still been rather popular in recent years since it is hypoallergenic as well as easy to clean.

Simmons Beauty Rest Sleepy Whispers Mattress
Simmons made a non-toxic, chemical free, natural cotton crib mattress that still meets and exceeds the set safety standards. Not something you’d expect from a mainstream brand, but they did it. Their mattress has pocketed coils for even support and is firm enough for to be a safe mattress for a newborn while being able to go along to a toddler bed as you can flip it over for a different feel. The woven cover on this mattress is water and stain resistant to keep it looking brand new, even when you child tries to mess it up, and believe me, they do try. It’s an affordable option and has a limited lifetime warranty. It you aren’t concerned about going completely organic, this mattress is for you.

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