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Babies are no doubt the most precious gift from the heavens and when you are going to receive this gift for the very first time, the experience itself is a complete journey of excitement. The planning about the baby’s name, the setting of his nursery and shopping for the new guest seems like the most important tasks at that moment. When I was going to be a mother first time, all I could think of was to set his nursery in a way that no one ever could have done that before (now I know every young mother feels the same way). The most important thing I was looking for was the selection of the safest baby crib, and comfortable mattress and nursery furniture. Everyone knows that with a newborn comes a lot of work and to manage everything properly, you need a place where you can put the junior without worry and what can be a better place than a comfortable crib that can provide him the safety of Mommy’s arms. If you are going to become parents soon, you will find a large variety of baby cribs in the market neither all of them are great nor are all of them perfect. You need to buy baby furniture carefully. According to my research there are 4 different types of cribs are available in the market

A Baby Crib Guide for

‘Going to be Parents’

Traditional cribs

These are simple and comfortable probably like one of those in which you spent your own childhood so if you want to revive memories. This is your best option.

Convertible cribs

These cribs go a long way. If you intend to use the crib even when your baby grew up, the convertible crib can be converted into a bed. So, you can use it for a really long time.

Portable cribs

Portable cribs can also be used as travel cribs. Their ability to fold saves us a lot of space. So, if you live in a small house or you don’t intend to use crib too much. This is a good match.

Travel cribs

Travel cribs cannot be used as full day cribs. They are usually made of lightweight materials like aluminum so it is easy to travel with them.

If you are going to buy a baby crib, don’t forget to buy the crib accessories that include

  • The Sleep sack to keep the child warm if necessary.
  • A Crib mattress that is firm, comfortable and well-fitted.
  • The Rail covers to keep both baby and the crib safe.
  • The Rail conversion kit to assure the safety of the little baby.
  • Crib bumpers to protect the little angel from bumping against the sides of cribs and getting hurt.
  • The Mattress protector to prevent bed wetting from damaging the mattress.
  • Sheets that will cover the mattress tightly so the child cannot get tangled.

Best Brands for Baby Cribs

Now I can tell you this with my own personal experience. My husband and I made it our task to find the best and safest baby crib for our ‘coming soon’ guest that we searched markets like crazy. And here are the three best brands we so far found for the safe and most comfortable baby cribs.

Babyletto Cribs

Now it happens to be my favorite brand as I ended up buying a crib from them and the experience was more than satisfactory. Babyletto produces sustainable, safe and functional nursery furniture that you would love to buy and use. If you are in search for a quality wood crib, don’t let go of Babyletto it is considered to be one of the best wood cribs.

Babyletto Hudson

This white beauty is perfect to match with the sacred fragrance your little baby will fill in the house. This 3 in 1 white convertible crib is made from sustainable New Zealand pine Wood. And this will go well with your baby room furniture. This crib has open slots on all four sides that makes it airy and comfortable for your toddler. It is easy to assemble and it offers free baby rails that are exactly a bonus, you need not to pay extra money for that. It has four different adjustable mattress size options. This baby crib is low to ground, hence made it easy to put and take out the baby. This babyletto crib is safe with non-toxic finish and the maximum weight is 50lbs. As it is called 3-in-1 convertible crib, it converts to a toddler bed and includes a conversion kit.

Babyletto Modo

Another notable baby crib by Babyletto cribs is babyletto Modo. This quality wood crib has almost all the same features as the above mentioned product and it just differs in design. And somehow I find its design more elegant than Babyletto Hudson.

Stork Craft Cribs

If you are looking forward to set the baby room with a traditional looks Stork Craft crib may help you in achieving your task completion. When we buy baby furniture the first thing we look for is safety. Stork Craft cribs exceed in satisfying our safety concerns. Stork Craft Cribs meet international regulatory standards for juvenile furniture safety and performance, and are carefully designed to minimize the risks of potential hazards to our babies.

StorkCraft Tuscany

If you want a long term investment, this 4-in-1 convertible crib is what you are looking for. It converts from a daybed to a toddler bed into a full size bed. All four walls are stationary and maximize the security of the baby. Available in 6, yes 6 eye catching colors to complement the decor of your baby room. This 4-in1 convertible crib is convenient to assemble and also comes with a free parts replacement guarantee.

StorkCraft Venetion

StorkCraft Venetion is expensive than the above mentioned product of Stork Craft Cribs. This 4-in-1 convertible baby crib is available in 4 different and attractive colors. All four walls are stationary just like Stork Craft Tuscany the distinguished features are

Three mattresses-support positions according to the baby’s growth.

A 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

DaVinci Cribs

DaVinci cribs are one of the top brands of baby cribs. It is GREENGUARD certified that contributes completely to its reputation. DaVinci Cribs meet and exceed all the safety standards and also manage to provide a really cool piece of furniture.

DaVinci Kalani

DaVinci Kalani 4-in1- convertible crib comes in five unique colors. The paint is non- toxic, so it stays for a really long time. It meets ASTM international and U.S CPSC standards and it is also JPMA certified. Hence it is cheaper so people love to buy it. It has 4 level mattress support and this baby crib is also eligible for free parts replacement.

DaVinci Emily

DaVinci Emily has the same features as described above for DaVinci Kalani, but this baby crib cheaper than DaVinci Kalani and it comes with a toddler bed conversion kit, but you need to buy full size bed conversion kit separately.

So, above is the list of brands which you should be looking when you are going to set the room for the new member of your family. Good Luck there with your search.

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