The Best Baby Keepsakes and Memory Gifts

Newborn babies inject a new spirit into the family scene; I mean, after nine long months (which can be rather difficult months for parents), when a baby is born, every single little milestone becomes another baby memory to remember; and with every new milestone comes a different emotion as a parent. What’s the best way to record, note down and cherish baby memories and milestones?

When you are pregnant or have given birth, you always keep ‘to do lists’, which what you need to buy, nappies, crib sheets etc etc. So when friends and family suggest what they should buy your baby, you always opt for the most basic or handy items on the list – but why not think out of the box? What about a keepsake box or memory box which you will eventually need at one point or another?

Baby Memory Book


Highest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

Keepsakes such as a baby memory books allow parents to hold on to the beautiful memories with their precious bundle of joy and let them put it down on paper.

Be sure to select one from G.R. Robinson, they are not only more than 30 pages with superior editorial content, but they feature a frame to display your little angle’s picture.

The stunning cover design featuring a soft paisley pattern adds to the allure of the memory book for boys, and the doting parents will love you for it.

Keepsake Memory Box & Chests


Highest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

If you actually enjoy the art of picking jaws off the floor and handing them back to the parents, get that couple with a baby boy a keepsake chest from C.R.Gibson.

These custom keepsake boxes make an ideal place to store the first baby mementos – first lock of hair, unique pictures, and birth certificate – in addition to the memory book.

Moreover, oh, not only is it optimally sized but can well, you have to love memory book for baby, preserve the memories for more than a century.

Keepsake Gift Sets

Baby-Keepsake-Unique-Baby-GiftsHighest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

As you keep down the awesome baby keepsake box avenue, keep a lookout for the Stephan Baby Satin-lined Rosewood certificate holder memory set. This excellent, handsomely engraved baby keepsake memory box is bound to strike those mellow cords that jerk emotional tears of joy. These babies keepsake doubles as gifts that keep on giving; they are long lasting and as the doting parents collate moments of their child’s memories they remember you with fondly.

This might in part explain the popularity of the baby keepsake gift among gift bearers – it is a perfect way to endear you to friends and relatives. Lilian Rose Pewter fairy tale gift box is as unique a gift item; they feature a traditional horse-drawn carriage, complete with separate baby keepsake box for first hair lock, tooth. Moreover, oh, the shape of the carriages reminisces of the Cinderella’s ball, only that this carriage do not have a midnight deadline – they last a long time. Of course, you might want gallivant on the financial side of life and acquire the baby keepsake chest that includes a piggy bank and a photo frame. Burton & Burton makes the perfect choice for a decorative ceramic gift set.

Tooth and Curl Trinket Boxes

Baby-Trinket-BoxHighest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

Kids are entitled to a little bit of royal treatment in their early life – it is the only childhood they have.

Granted that we cannot all live in castles and wear crowns, their earliest mementos and memories can do that in their stead.

The princess curl and tooth boxes make healthy baby girl keepsake gifts, and lets baby mementos live in castles, swathed in regal colors.

Baby Capsule

Baby-Capsule-KeepsakeHighest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

If you have a friend who is a science aficionado, then surprise them with a baby keepsake capsule, which has a 22-piece décor with over 160 full color stickers to create a photo album, videotapes and a profile to create a detailed calendar for the keepsake baby box.

The essence of a time capsule is to seal it and let having it opened at a later date or decade. How often do you get to present childhood keepsake box as a gift? Sigh, too much emotion – priceless keepsake baby gifts.

Baby Prints

Baby-PrintsHighest Selling:

Price Range: $30 – $60

Children hand;s or footprints are cute and adorable, but in most cases they involve messy inks that could potentially soil the innocence of the little angle’s hand or foot.

Surprise your friend with a no mixing, air-drying, and no mess baby print keepsake from Pear head. Let them show off the prints from the newest member of the family as it elegantly dangles from the included festive ribbons. They beautiful non-messy prints and other adorable babies keepsakes need to be kept safe, and a keepsake frame from C.R. Gibson lets you keep baby keepsake a tabletop or display them on a wall. There can be no better way to commemorate these joyful events of a baby’s birth.

Excellent Baby Gift Ideas

When a new baby arrives, you as doting aunties, uncles, or friend, have to deal with a dilemma when choosing personalized baby gifts that sets you apart from the rest of the visitors that troop in bearing mundane gifts such as baby booties or baby clothes.

Stand out of the crowd with your ability to choose unique baby gifts that attest to your spontaneity in matters that pertain to baby gifts, namely, keepsakes. Baby clothes, they are a bit overrated as baby shower gifts ideas since the cuddly little bundle of joy tends to outgrow them at the speed of light, and besides, that is what everybody else brought….

Walk a different path and get a new baby a keepsake gift the will not only just blow the parents minds, but will also enable them to keep beautiful baby mementos in an organized way.

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